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    April 13-14, 2024

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Sunny King Criterium

The Sunny King Criterium brings a kaleidoscope of colors and whirl of action to Anniston, Alabama with twenty one amateur and professional bicycle races. Nine hours of live web streaming showcase the sights and sounds to cycling fans across the U.S., and around the globe.

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All Sunny King Criterium races are available on our website. Racing action will be called by professional sports commentators Brad Sohner and Lauren Hall.

Past Pro Winners

Men Women
2003 Chandler Weeks
2004 Dave McCook Michelle Scott
2005 Juan Jose Haedo Jenn Green
2006 Juan Jose Haedo Tina Pic
2007 Frank Travieso Laura Van Gilder
2008 Hilton Clarke Tina Pic
2009 Karl Menzies Brooke Miller
2010 Ben Kersten Nicky Wangsgard
2011 Jonathan Cantwell Janel Holcomb
2012 Issac Howe Erica Allar
2013 Carlos Alzate Coryn Rivera
2014 Carlos Alzate Coryn Rivera
2015 Tyler Magner Hannah Barnes
2016 Travis McCabe Samantha Schneider
2017 John Murphy Lauren Hall
2018 Bryan Gomez Lily Williams
2019 Eric Young Summer Moak
2021 Tanner Ward Harriet Owen
2022 Alfredo Rodriguez Skylar Schneider